Broadcloth is a product that was originally made as trade wool, manufactured for the past 200 years out of 100% wool. The cloth was used as a trade item with Native Americans.

Broadcloth is traditionally used by Native Americans, for Gourd Dance, Straight Dance traditional outfits, and women's wool dresses. It is also sought after by members of the Native American Church.

Military Uniforms worn by the American Colonial Army, and the British Army, were all made of this type of product, which was widely used by frontiersmen ,and pioneer women to make clothing. Mountainmen, trappers, and Civil War re-inactors use "tradecloth" to add authenticity to their outfits.

American Broadcloth Co. only manufactures 100% wool cloth with an authentic "selvedge" edge. This edge was used to identify different manufactures of cloth by the use of colored bands going the length of the warp. Our edge is an 8 band reproduction of an original 18th century edge.

American Broadcloth is proud to produce only American Made product, produced on machines that were originally water driven. This assures the buyer that the cloth's texture is the same as the originals made in previous centuries. Our company is the largest manufacturer of broadcloth and fourway blankets, available in several colors. By manufacturing only 100% wool broadcloth, we can guarantee the highest quality product made in America today.

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